With The Wash Depot’s Hi-Pressure Touch-Free Automatic Wash, removing roof racks and aerials are a thing of the past. This state of the art service uses no brushes or rollers to scratch bodywork. Vehicles are simply sprayed using high-arch cleansing agent dispensers and then blasted at high pressure to remove dust, road dirt and grime. A hot canuba wax option helps protect vehicles from the elements. A final spot-free rinse using filtered water means there is no need to chamois.

3 wash options to choose from:

Splash & Dash – $10

A quick once over lightly

Super Wash – $12

Double pass, clear coat protectant and dryer

Ultimate – $14

Underbody and side panel blast, double pass,

triple conditioner, clear coat protectant and dryer.

9 Wash Bays

Our easy to operate, coin-operated wash bays can be used not only for vehicles but anything mobile and able to fit including boats, caravans, trailers, motorbikes, small buses, BBQ’s and much more.

Each bay is equipped with:

  • 1200psi high-pressure guns
  • Generous quantities of premium, pleasant smelling cleansing agents for breaking down dust, road dirt and grime on wheels and body work
  • Pure hogs-hair foaming brushes – guaranteed not to scratch
  • Premium hot canuba wax – for long lasting protection
  • Reverse osmosis, spot-free rinse – no need to chamois vehicle

Our high-powered vacuums with fragrance atomisers leave cars dust and dirt free, and smelling fresh in super quick time.

As an extra service, customers can bring their dogs to The Wash Depot’s pet grooming area and enjoy warm water, premium, hypo-allergenic cleansers and sanitizers and finish off with gentle blow dryers. It is certainly one of the most popular areas in our business.